A bored bank clerk in Buenos Aires, Morán (Daniel Elias), steals $650,000. It is exactly double what he would have earned had he worked until retirement. He meets his co-worker, Román (Esteban Bigliardi), for a quick dinner to explain that he is going to turn himself in and wants Román to hide the money until he is released --- in three years, or less for good behavior. In return, Morán will split the cash with Román.


Written and directed by Rodrigo Moreno, THE DELINQUENTS is an obnoxiously long --- 3 hours --- heist comedy-drama, that is neither funny nor particularly dramatic. Perhaps Moreno thinks he’s being clever and/or humorous when he utilizes actor Germán de Silva as both Morán’s boss at the bank --- and his nemesis in prison, who demands protection money from Morán. It’s not --- and he’s not.


Everything about THE DELINQUENTS is tedious. The two protagonists are rather boring. Morán’s life is work only --- day in and day out. Román is in a relationship that is dull and listless. There is some amazing photography of the Argentinian countryside, but even that is compromised by the extraordinarily long takes. The introduction of additional players only adds a modicum of interest that is short lived.


Whatever story Moreno is trying to tell here --- the chains of everyday life --- the desire to be free of those chains --- is lost in the translation. And don’t get me started on the absurd ending. Moreno may want the moviegoer to figure it out, but after three long, excruciating hours --- no one cares.


Opinion: Don’t Bother!




I would normally not pan a movie because of its length. In the case of a new Argentinian film, THE DELINQUENTS, such a complaint is decidedly justified.


A disgruntled bank employee named Morán (Daniel Elias) concocts a scheme where he steals a large sum of money, confesses to the crime, and is sure he will be released from prison after a relatively short term for good behavior. He confides in Román (Esteban Bigliardi), a fellow employee whom he instructs to bury the dough on a remote hillside. They will split the proceeds when he’s out of jail. A stupid plan? Perhaps. What could possibly go wrong? This is the plot of THE DELINQUENTS.


While there may be redeeming qualities in this movie written and directed by Rodrigo Moreno, I couldn’t find them. Jeanne likes to harp about the writing, and Moreno’s script is certainly not one she would approve of. He doesn’t even have the instincts to render a decent ending which may have partially salvaged his effort.


The main goal of any filmmaker should be to make the end product entertaining. THE DELINQUENTS is surely not that! Easily, one of the most inconsequential movies in recent memory.


Opinion:  Don’t Bother!