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                Movie:   ETERNALS

     Rating:  PG-13, fantasy violence and         action, some language and brief sexuality                                            Length:  2:37

           Release Date: November 5, 2021

Jeanne: The 25th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ETERNALS, is directed by Chloé Zhao, the queen of independent films, whose last film, NOMADLAND, won the 2021 Oscar for Best Picture while she also won for Best Director. Now Ms. Zhao has taken on this sprawling storyline which spans over 7000 years, both on Earth and in space --- and after 157 minutes, that’s exactly what it feels like.


For the life of me, I will never understand the need to make films of this genre so incredibly long. And unfortunately, there are parts of ETERNALS which become tedious at best. Zhao and her co-writers, Patrick Burleigh and Ryan and Kaz Firpo, who created the screen story, have attempted to make these 10 new Super Heroes, whom we’ve not seen before, more human than most. But in a Super Hero movie, that doesn’t always work, especially when the relationships take precedent over the action.

Let’s face it, fans go to these movies for the spectacular battles, special effects and extraordinary set designs. Of course, amusing banter and meaningful friendships are all part of the necessary fun, so trust me when I tell you that without Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, much of that entertaining repartee wouldn’t exist.


ETERNALS offers a very diversified cast with Gemma Chan leading the way as Sersi, an Eternal who truly loves humankind and wants to save Earth. After all, this cadre of Super Heroes has been protecting this planet from the Deviants, monsters who are out to destroy, since the dawn of mankind.


Now they are back and these Eternals must reunite to save humanity once again. But --- does the human race deserve it? An existential question for sure --- especially given the current state of our planet. If we don’t care about saving Earth then why should they? But, I

digress ---


ETERNALS simply isn’t fun. And for an MCU film, that’s the kiss of death. In case you’re wondering, David did not manage to stay

awake --- another sign that Zhao’s efforts have failed.


I happen to be the bigger fan of Marvel’s movies and the fact that I’m very disappointed says a lot, because I’m fairly forgiving. But, if you must see ETERNALS, at least watch until the very bitter end. There is an additional scene at the beginning of the closing credits --- and another at the conclusion of said credits. You certainly don’t want to miss it!


Opinion: Wait for VOD