Though NOT a fan of "Skyfall", nor Daniel Craig as James Bond, I was hopeful for "Spectre", since this is possibly Craig's last outing as 007. Alas, despite the great locations, cool cars and fabulous costumes in the opening sequence on the Day of the Dead in Mexico City, "Spectre" is, like "Skyfall", waaaaayyyyyy too long, with a story that is significantly less than intriguing.


And that's all I'm going to write, because considering this is a Bond movie, people will flock to see it no matter what critics impart.


So be it --- waste your money --- you've been warned!


Opinion: Don't Bother!




The most favorable statement I can make about "Spectre" is that it's a better film than "Skyfall". Several sequences were genuinely tense, and Léa Seydoux, the new Bond girl, is an inspired choice.


Playing Madeleine Swann, she looks spectacular in some of the fashions, most notably the silver cocktail dress she sports in the dinner scene on the train. Her entrance totally seduces Bond (Daniel Craig), and immediately precedes one of the several vicious up-close-and-personal fights, in which Seydoux proves she can also handle herself with the rough stuff.


But the movie is far too long, most notably the car chase between Bond and a Spectre thug, which should have been cut way back. Despite some well-choreographed sequences --- the movie's opening in Mexico City is typically frenetic of Bond films, and the helicopter episode is harrowing --- Agent 007 needs to retire. He should just marry Madeleine and ride off into the sunset in his Aston-Martin. There is nothing unique or original left to do with the franchise.


Opinion: Mild See It Now!