A silly film, but also quite hysterical at times, THE PACKAGE will resonate with every male on the planet. When five friends go on an annual spring break camping trip, one of the guys accidentally slices off his penis.


Sean (Daniel Doheny), Jeremy (Eduardo Franco) and Donnie (Luke Spencer Roberts) have a tradition of a spring trip of drinking while camping. This year, they are forced to take along Jeremy's twin sister, Becky (Geraldine Viswanathan) and her best friend, Sarah (Sadie Calvano). The guys aren't too thrilled, but with enough liquor anything can be forgiven.


Jeremy, in an attempt to show his skill with his new switchblade, manages to cut his penis completely off. Before losing four of the five cell phones, Sean does contact a hospital for a medevac. Unfortunately when it arrives to wing Jeremy to the nearest hospital, Sean gives the wrong cooler to the paramedic. Now the four remaining must hike back down the mountain and get the appendage to the hospital within 12 hours. Of course, things do not go as planned, and Jeremy's penis looks like it may never make it in time.


The five friends are great --- really funny. Buddies throughout high school, there are some lingering issues regarding Sean and Becky and Donnie and Sarah. And poor Jeremy can't get anyone to believe he has a girlfriend named Kendall Jenners. The penis jokes fly fast and furious --- as one would expect. There's even one sequence with a rattlesnake and said appendage. Some pretty hilarious stuff.


My favorite has the foursome running out of time and needing a boat to get across a lake. The problem lies in a little boy, Aiden (Chance Hurstfield), whose father owns the boat. The kid does a great Damian act --- a real devil. But by the time the foursome gets through with him, he's rendered speechless.


Doheny has terrific comedic timing. His innocent look does him well --- the perfect straight man for his best friend Donnie. Spencer Roberts, the typical class clown, is a riot --- facial expressions par excellence. Franco's role is less demanding, though pivotal, since he's the one without his dick. Viswanathan and Calvano hold their own with the guys, adding just the right amount of femininity.


Director Jake Szymanski keeps the pace brisk, never allowing the script by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider to bog down too much in "relationship" issues. THE PACKAGE provides a good dose of hilarity and entertainment.


Opinion:  See It Now!




Originally titled EGGPLANT EMOJI, this is a new Netflix offering re-named THE PACKAGE, not to be confused with other films of the same name, including the 1989 picture with Gene Hackman. The tagline for this 2018 teen comedy is "Friendship is just the tip", appropriate since one of the five campers accidentally slices off his male appendage.


If that gives too much away, fret not. We find out early on that Jeremy (Eduardo Franco), boasting about how sharp his new knife is, manages to do the unthinkable. Thus, the rest of the movie's plot centers around the recovery and hopeful reattachment of said organ, with some pretty hilarious results.


Director Jake Szymanski spoke briefly before our screening to say that the cast members had not met previous to the filming of THE PACKAGE, but what a great time they had making the movie...and it shows. The youthful actors all display excellent comedic timing, and their characters are so well conceived by writers Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider that we feel we know them all by the end of the story.


If the premise sounds a bit juvenile, so be it, but the results speak for themselves. Our audience --- and that includes Jeanne --- was chuckling consistently throughout, with some major belly laughs.


So let's give credit to the players. In addition to Franco, who is a real hoot, the primary cast includes Geraldine Viswanathan as Becky, Sadie Calvano as Sarah, Daniel Doheny as Sean, and Luke Spencer Roberts as Donnie.


Sure it's a bit inane, and maybe the race against time goes on too long, but the film is loaded with some very funny physical comedy. I recommend it for a nice pick-me-up. Oh, and Ben Stiller thought enough of the script to be one of the producers.


Opinion:  See It Now!