I just love an all-female cast --- well, almost all-female --- especially when it involves a jewelry heist at the Met Gala, of all places, on the first Monday of May. Ocean's 8 is directed by Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, 2003, THE HUNGER GAMES, 2012), who also co-wrote the screenplay with Olivia Milch. I can only imagine the amount of amusement he had filming this comedy with Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kailing, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter.


Bullock plays Debbie Ocean --- sister of deceased Danny Ocean (George Clooney in OCEAN'S ELEVEN, TWELVE, THIRTEEN) --- who has just been released from prison after five years, eight months and 12 days. She was set up by her ex-boyfriend, Claude Becker (Richard Armitage), and has spent every one of those days in jail planning her biggest robbery until, in her mind, it's perfect.


Ocean's 8 is as entertaining as one would expect with such an extraordinarily talented group of women. And whomever tells you it's not that great --- don't believe them! There are some who simply don't understand the allure of a female-driven movie. As with the recent BOOK CLUB, which is hilariously funny, too many write off these ventures for a myriad of ludicrous reasons, which I shall not bother to list.


The heist in OCEAN'S 8 is clever and well thought out. Each character has a specific job to do and these particular women, beginning with Bullock and Blanchett, excel exceedingly at living up to the demands of the execution. It's fun --- it's not rocket science --- it's what men have been getting away with for years.


The opening scene with Debbie convincing her parole board to release her is every bit classic Bullock. And when she winds her way through Bergdorf Goodman's and finagles a luxury room at a swanky hotel, who wouldn't love to be able to pull that off? Yes --- it's illegal --- but who cares? It's a hoot!


Hathaway is splendid as the spoiled movie star conned into wearing the object of Debbie's desire --- the Cartier necklace named Jeanne Toussaint after the woman who served as Cartier's creative director in the1930s. Hathaway's comedic timing is every bit as polished as her serious stuff. I happen to really love her --- and her acting. I have never understood the animosity so often heaped upon her. C'est dommage ---


All of the gals are great --- they make a terrific team. OCEAN'S 8 isn't going to win any awards, but just like BOOK CLUB, I'm very happy and content spending almost two hours with these women.


Opinion:  See It Now!