Whenever I see/hear/think about lemurs, I cannot help but think of the Madagascar movies by DreamWorks Animation. And, who knew, lemurs are indigenous only to Madagascar. This brief but highly fascinating and informative film enlightens us regarding the world of these odd-looking but loveable creatures.


Dr. Patricia C. Wright, an American primatologist, has spent many years studying lemurs and working to combat their extinction, of which  many species are in danger. Though there are now volunteers and organizations dedicated to keeping lemurs from harm, the growing population of Madagascar has greatly reduced their population.


Slash-and-burn agriculture has destroyed much of the lemurs' natural habitat. Conservation has become another focus of Dr. Wright. She was instrumental in establishing the RanomafanaNational Park, home to over 15 species of lemurs. She also worked very closely with filmmakers David Douglas, the director and cinematographer, and Drew Fellman, the writer and producer of "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar".


Utilizing IMAX 3D cameras, which have been made significantly smaller, Douglas was able to capture some truly amazing footage of these incredibly interesting primates. He also was fortunate to film the first-ever aerial shot in IMAX 3D. "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar" may be only 39 minutes in length, but it is packed with stunning camera work and rare animals, and narrated by the incomparable Morgan Freeman.


Opinion: See It Now! (on IMAX)





As a young woman growing up in New York state, Patricia Wright purchased two owl monkeys from a local pet store. Fast forward to present day: she is now a Doctor of Anthropology who collaborated with the government of Madagascar (an island about the size of Texas) to establish a national park to preserve and protect the indigenous lemurs, monkey-like denizens who were threatened with extinction only a few years ago.


Lemurs are those furry little, bug-eyed and loveable creatures featured in "Life of Pi" and the well-known DreamWorks animated films. "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar" is a 39-minute documentary, narration by the always reassuring voice of Morgan Freeman, and it is a welcome respite to whatever is causing you stress these days.


It's a must-see in IMAX 3D, with direction by David Douglas, whose cinematography includes spectacular aerial shots of the vast rain forest and mountainous terrain. We learn that Madagascar is the only home of lemurs, so on your next visit to the zoo, you can impress your friends and family with your lemur knowledge.


Jeanne was particularly taken with the fact that females dominate the males, making all the key decisions in their island exploration. She could hardly contain her glee at our screening. Thanks, lemurs!


Opinion: See It Now!