"Human Flow" is an incredible feat of filmmaking. Director/producer Ai Weiwei has achieved something akin to a Monet masterpiece --- breathtaking cinematography showcasing the outrageous horrors of refugee life --- heartrending, beyond comprehension. When over 200 crew members come together world wide to depict a crisis of this magnitude, we must sit up and take notice.


Spanning 23 countries, "Human Flow" is a blatant reminder of the good fortune those of us who live in a free society enjoy. It is imperative that we, as global citizens, remember that, in different circumstances, it could be us who are forced to flee our homes.


In a world fraught with fear of the unknown refugees, Weiwei makes it abundantly clear that this crisis belongs to all of us. Building border walls and isolating ourselves is certainly not the answer, nor is it the moral thing to do. Weiwei and his crew were set against victimizing the refugees in "Human Flow". Rather, their goal is to have the audience recognize them as fellow human beings --- and that they deserve to live with their basic human needs intact.


The numbers are staggering. Today, almost 66 million people are forced to flee their homes due to persecution, war, poverty and the adverse circumstances of climate change. In 2015 and 2016, 300,000 children were identified as migrants or refugees traveling ALONE, with no adult supervision. These statistics are disturbing  and shocking --- and yet we have world leaders, such as our own president, who turn their backs on them. As Andrew Cohen, one of the executive producers states, "Closed doors are closed minds." We, as fellow humans, must strive to accept and help all people who are in need.


My biggest disappointment with "Human Flow" is that Weiwei offers no solutions. He did not intend that his film be policy-oriented. "Human Flow" does not preach or take sides. However, it is my belief that had a few viable suggestions been brought forth, this overwhelming feeling of abject despair may have been somewhat alleviated.


Ai Weiwei is an artist. "Human Flow" is his way of expressing his concerns about humanity and the values we profess. It definitely provides the vehicle to promote the conversation regarding this growing crisis.


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