David and I had never watched the original DEADPOOL until recently. So many clever riffs on pop culture and other comic book characters are incorporated into the highly entertaining script --- almost too many to enumerate. And so wildly popular was the first that, of course, there had to be a second.


Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Wade Wilson or Deadpool, informing us in the first minute that he dies in this movie. Only, the sticking problem is --- he can't die or be killed as long as he has his super powers.


DEADPOOL 2 progresses from there with all of the same play on other superheroes, etc. from the original. Unfortunately, one of the new additions to the cast, Russell/Firefist (Julian Dennison --- my hero from New Zealand's HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (2016), is exceedingly annoying.


I'm not happy with myself for picking on a child --- actually I'm not criticizing him, I'm taking aim at David Leitch, the director. It's his fault that Russell is so bleeping grating. Better direction could have solved at least some of his bad habits, like whining. Dennison was downright brilliant opposite Sam Neill in HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE --- a movie that owed its success to his performance. But here, Dennison is reduced to a sniveling brat with a penchant for revenge. It's actually beyond annoying.


Josh Brolin has a rather major role as Cable, a warrior from the future hell-bent on killing Russell for his own revenge. Brolin is fine, I have no problem with him, but didn't we just see him in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR? Is there no one else in Hollywood to choose?


Reynolds has his self-effacing, wise-cracking lover boy persona down pat. He is adorable, even with the scarred face, but how much can we, the audience, take of his shtick? It begins to wear thin, and then, to make matters worse, writers Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Reynolds have loaded DEADPOOL 2 with lots of potty humor.


I'm not saying this movie isn't enjoyable, because it is. But how many times can one go back to the well? DEADPOOL was great fun because it was new, and well --- exciting. DEADPOOL 2 --- not as much. And, "saints preserve us", it appears there will be a DEADPOOL 3.


Opinion:  Wait for DVD





Fans of the original DEADPOOL may not be surprised to hear that the sequel is even more manic, decidedly more violent, and possibly funnier. Ryan Reynolds is again in rare form as Wade Wilson/Deadpool, a role that could define his career.


DEADPOOL 2 shows off the franchise's usual spectacular special effects and stunts, and I like the frequent references to films past and present. The movie also re-introduces us to 16-year-old New Zealander Julian Dennison, the chubby surprise from HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (2016). And Deadpool's recruitment of his own unique group of superheroes is certainly a highlight --- talk about a motley crew!


For me, the best parts of the sequel are the scenes with Wade and his love interest, the beautiful Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Will there be a third entry in the franchise? Probably, based on the closing credits. I'm not convinced that's necessary, or what the filmmakers can come up with to support yet another encore.


Stick around for some surprises during those closing credits. Oh, and don't blink in one particular sequence, or you'll miss the face of a rather familiar movie star.


Opinion:  Mild See It Now!